Confidentiality Policy

Document # 17-IB-CP0407-03 (Revision 1)

Confidentiality Policy

The Company has established information confidentiality policy and shall keep information of the client, obtained and known as a result of the inspection activities, private and confidential. If the Company is required to make the information of the client publicly available, it shall inform the client in advance and seek its permission before doing the same. All the information, except for that which the client makes publicly available or which is agreed between the Company and the client, shall be considered to be proprietary and treated as confidential.

Even if the Company is authorized through contractual commitments to release the confidential information of the client, it shall inform and notify the client of the information placed in public domain. The Company shall also release the client information as and when required by law.

The Company shall also keep the information of the client, obtained and received from sources other than the client, confidential.

The Company shall be responsible for management and storage of the information of the client obtained, gathered or created while performing inspection activities.

Important Note: SEAC Engineering Inc. requires the inspection personnel to confirm in writing to SEAC their agreement and adherence to this policy. SEAC is required to ensure the confirmation by following up with the personnel.

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