CSA B149.3 Inspections


Why CSA B149.3 Field Approval Is Required

In various provinces and territories within Canada, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) have adopted the CSA B149.3 Code as a regulatory requirement for the approval of gas-fired appliances and equipment.

If an appliance cannot be approved for the reasons that it is of one-of-a-kind type and there exists no specific standard addressing the particular appliance, it can be approved as per CSA B149 series of Codes, Canadian Electrical Code (CEC Part I), and other provincial and regulatory requirements set forth by the appropriate AHJs. An existing certified or non-certified appliance shall also be inspected as per the gas codes requirements when it is being upgraded. 


What SEAC Offers

Field Approval

Field Approval refers to the inspection at the appliance installation site. The deliverables for this type of service include inspection report, inspection label, rating plate, and P&IDs and electrical wiring diagrams. If there are non-conformances, they shall be addressed. It is of utmost importance to us that the non-conformances are thoroughly explained to the client so that they can address the issues without wasting time and effort.


Pre-assessment is a type of inspection performed to evaluate the appliance compliance to the relevant Codes. The assessment is not required to be at the appliance installation site. The only deliverable in this case is the inspection report. Even if there are non-conformances in the product, client is not required to address them as part of a Pre-Assessment project and the project is considered complete and closed. After Pre-assessment, the client may proceed with the Field Approval to comply with the regulatory requirements.


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