Training & Education

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Why Training?

Having a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements and the applicable Codes and Standards is very crucial in making sure that your appliances and equipment are designed and installed to meet the approval requirements as prescribed by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

Training from the Experts

We, at SEAC, know the regulatory requirements and the related Codes and Standards inside out, by virtue of our qualification, training, and experience. SEAC is also very actively involved in the technical committees of the relevant Codes and Standards.

SEAC can impart custom training to your staff at your facilities. Better knowledge, understanding, and implementation of the regulatory requirements ensure productivity and effectiveness in every step from product concept and design to product installation and operation.

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Interested in a Training Course?

Please provide us with detail about the training you are interested in. We will surely arrange a training course meeting your requirements.

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