Functional Safety

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Functional Safety for Process Industry

Risks and hazards are associated with almost all types of industries whether it is automotive, electrical/electronics, chemical/process, food processing and packaging, Pharmaceutical etc.. But, generally, the hazards are more probabilistic and severe when it comes to the process industry. Achieving complete safety through inherently safe process design may be impractical or impossible and there may still be a residual risk. Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs) provide Functional Safety to address the hazardous events that could occur under all reasonably foreseeable circumstances.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) rating required for a Safety Instrumented System depends on the tolerable risk and the existing risk for a particular application.

What SEAC Offers

With a team of experienced safety professionals, SEAC can help design your systems with a SIL rating addressing the existing risks and acheving the process safety target. Our team works with yours and assists you for the following:

  •  Process hazard and risk assessment
  •  Determining SIS safety requirements
  •  Allocation of safety functions to protection layers
  •  SIS design and engineering
  •  Review of SIS application program development
  •  SIS factory and site acceptance tests
  •  Supervising SIS installation and commissioning


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Please feel free to contact us if you have a project or have any questions regarding functional safety and its application to your assets.

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