Functional Safety for Process Industry

Functional Safety for Process Industry Risks and hazards are associated with almost all types of industries whether it is automotive, electrical/electronics, chemical/process, food processing and packaging, Pharmaceutical etc. But generally, the hazards are more probabilistic and severe when it comes to the process industry. Achieving complete safety through inherently safe process design may be impractical […]

Field Approvals of Food Trucks

Field Approvals of Food Trucks Do you know that your food service equipment commonly referred to as ‘Food Truck’ is required to be approved to meet the regulatory requirements and to ensure public safety? Open-style trailers and carts are typically certified to the standard: ANSI-Z83.11/CSA-1.8. The food trucks of the enclosed type having four walls, […]

Fuel Engines

Fuel Engines An engine converts the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy through the combustion process. The mechanical energy/work is used to operate other machinery and equipment. There are many applications where engines are utilized. In power generation applications, the engine drives the alternator rotor and the mechanical energy is converted into electricity (electrical […]

Electrical Product Approvals

Electrical Product Approvals Does your imported electrical equipment meet the Canadian market requirements? Typically, the electrical equipment coming to Canada from abroad does not meet the approval requirements for use in Canada. We have been helping several clients with the field approvals of their equipment bought from outside of Canada. We are here to take […]